2007-10-14 blogicadd possibility to set default .config values
2007-10-14 blogic[9298] was b0rked
2007-10-14 blogicconverted atheros ethernet driver to phy layer
2007-10-14 blogicadded some extensions to the phy layer
2007-10-13 nbdfix nl80211
2007-10-13 nbdfix typo
2007-10-13 nbddon't build mac80211 if the kernel version does not...
2007-10-13 nbdadd b43
2007-10-13 nbdfix include, reduce verbosity
2007-10-13 nbdremove old bcm43xx-mac80211... will be replaced by b43
2007-10-13 nbdadd updated mac80211 - this no longer relies on patchin...
2007-10-13 nbddisable the in-kernel mac80211 and cfg80211
2007-10-13 nbdmove a few config symbols to the 2.6.23 template
2007-10-13 blogicupdated linux-uvc, from #2512
2007-10-13 blogicupdated ipsec-tools from #2510
2007-10-13 nbdFinally fix the annoying BCM4704 segfault issues (...
2007-10-13 rwhitbyFixed compiler warnings
2007-10-13 ejkaenable NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE
2007-10-13 ejkafix the case when NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE is not enabled...
2007-10-13 nbdback out change to generic-2.6/files/ and update 310...
2007-10-13 nbdadd package/feeds to .gitignore
2007-10-13 nbdadd patches for 2.6.23 on brcm47xx (not enabled yet)
2007-10-13 nbddisable CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO - it breaks insmod
2007-10-13 blogicfix serial port warning on atheros
2007-10-13 rwhitbyixp4xx: New patch to support FSG-3 buttons
2007-10-13 rwhitbyixp4xx/fsg3: Enable REISERFS for booting from vendor...
2007-10-12 blogicadd atheros patch to enable annoying printks as atheros...
2007-10-12 nbdmove a few kconfig options from atheros to generic-2.6
2007-10-12 blogicupdated x86 kernelconfig
2007-10-12 blogicfixed error in kernelconfig for atheros
2007-10-12 juhosg[packages] ipset: update to version 2.3.0, probably...
2007-10-12 juhosg[kernel] netfilter/ipset cleanups
2007-10-12 florianUpgrade rdc to 2.6.23, fix the r6040 driver printk's
2007-10-12 florianFix the platform device registration; resync kernel...
2007-10-11 blogicmove atheros to 2.6.23
2007-10-11 blogicmove x86 to 2.6.23
2007-10-11 juhosg[adm5120] coding style fixes
2007-10-11 juhosg[packages] add a kernel module for GPIO LEDs
2007-10-11 juhosg[adm5120] fix LED driver, update kernel config
2007-10-11 juhosg[adm5120] switch to 2.6.23
2007-10-11 florianAdd 6tunnel configuration for tunnel brokers based...
2007-10-11 juhosg[adm5120] prepare for 2.6.23
2007-10-11 juhosg[kernel] update yaffs2 to compile with 2.6.23
2007-10-11 juhosg[kernel] update generic 2.6.23 config
2007-10-11 juhosg[kernel] netfilter fixes for 2.6.23
2007-10-11 ejkause acx-mac80211 in profile
2007-10-11 ejkaremove version checks
2007-10-11 ejkawe are using leds-gpio now
2007-10-11 ejkalocking rework, drop non-napi rx, multiqueue tx, misc...
2007-10-10 juhosg[kernel] restore CVS Id strings for yaffs code, remove...
2007-10-10 juhosg[kernel] dissect yaffs patch
2007-10-10 juhosg[adm5120] enhance the custom i2c-gpio driver (supports...
2007-10-10 florianUpgrade au1000 to 2.6.23
2007-10-10 nicosplit ipip & iptunnel4 and ipv6 & sit into separate...
2007-10-10 ejkaswitch ar7 to 2.6.23
2007-10-10 ejkasync for 2.6.23-final
2007-10-09 juhosg[adm5120] update kernel config
2007-10-09 juhosg[adm5120] build leds-adm5120 as a module
2007-10-09 juhosg[adm5120] add custom GPIO-based I2C driver
2007-10-09 nbdmove grub menu.lst to the right place
2007-10-09 nbdremove feeds dir on distclean
2007-10-09 nbdadd feeds to .gitignore
2007-10-09 nbdonly run svn info if .svn exists
2007-10-09 nbdmove grub to package/
2007-10-09 nbdonly require mkisofs if isofs root is actually selected
2007-10-09 nicoremove trailing spaces to fix errors at dump time
2007-10-08 blogicfixed linux-uvc, didn't read nicos comment
2007-10-08 blogicupdated/fixed linux-uvc, from #2458
2007-10-08 blogicadded sdparm and scsi-generic module, from #2481
2007-10-08 blogicupdate dnsmasq to 2.40, from #2479
2007-10-08 nbdfix insmod crash when the module is not found
2007-10-08 blogicchanged pkg_install_files so one can specify the folder...
2007-10-08 blogicadded generation of x86 livecds, from #2391
2007-10-08 florianRemove the old rbmipsnand driver, we now use the plat_n...
2007-10-08 florianClean up the r6040 driver using checkpatch
2007-10-08 ejkano need to free_irq in remove, done in close
2007-10-08 matteobackport ar7_wdt from linux-2.6-watchdog-mm
2007-10-07 nbdenable nice
2007-10-07 juhosgadd TARPIT support to netfilter/iptables
2007-10-07 florianTurn on stp for br-lan only when doing wds (#2476)
2007-10-07 ejkaadd missing dependency on linux-atm
2007-10-07 blogicadded a function, that packages can call to make instal...
2007-10-07 blogicchanged the -fhonours-copts gcc patch, such that the...
2007-10-07 nbdfix accidental double slash in prefixed quilt patchsets
2007-10-06 blogicadded our own pkg-config wrapper, making the sed foo...
2007-10-06 nbdexport STAGING_DIR
2007-10-06 thepeopleadd clientid to udhcpc thanks pjama
2007-10-05 nbdadd option for cleaning all ipkg info before the image...
2007-10-05 nbdallow targets to select/deselect config symbols
2007-10-05 nbdfix segfault with insmod on 2.4
2007-10-05 ejkaadd minimal uci support
2007-10-05 ejkaadd rough vlynq support
2007-10-05 ejkacleanup vlynq. drop vlynq-pci
2007-10-05 juhosg[adm5120] Edimax BR-6104K/KP specific fixes
2007-10-05 florianRDC is not broken with trunk
2007-10-05 ejkafix rtsp patch
2007-10-05 florianLed is not active low by default, register the watchdog
2007-10-05 nbdfix compile error with 2.4
2007-10-05 florianClean up the prom code / board detection (thanks Gabor...
2007-10-05 florianFinally fix the rb500 boot (#2436)