2006-07-21 mbmfix a few directories missed in [4176]'s source ->...
2006-07-21 nbdadd submenu dependencies (used to hide the proprietary...
2006-07-21 kalozupgrade dnsmasq to v2.32
2006-07-21 kalozmake gcc 4.1.1 the default for Aruba
2006-07-21 kalozrevert [4106] as it breaks toolchain selection
2006-07-21 kalozfix problems with new tar versions, closes #628 and...
2006-07-21 nicoadd copyright statement
2006-07-21 florianUpdate brcm63xx to 2.6.17, restore the use of "generic...
2006-07-21 mbmfix a few broken depenancies
2006-07-20 mbmchange $(STAMP_DIR) to $(LINUX_DIR) to avoid issues...
2006-07-20 mbmupdate prereqs
2006-07-20 grozUML target completed. Added ext2 target fs for use...
2006-07-20 grozStart adding uml target
2006-07-20 mbmchange 'source' to 'download'
2006-07-20 nbdclean up console output even more
2006-07-20 mbmclean up console output
2006-07-20 mbmcleanup & revert [4159]
2006-07-20 nbdfix nas depends
2006-07-19 mbmfix broadcom-wl dependancies
2006-07-19 nbdcheck for zlib.h as well
2006-07-19 nbdadd .prereq to distclean
2006-07-19 nbdadd a simple prerequisite check
2006-07-19 nbdadd workaround for a broken flex version on some system...
2006-07-18 nbdfix KBUILD_VERBOSE if V is unset
2006-07-18 nbdaccept V= from the environment as well
2006-07-18 nbdmake the buildroot-ng sdk compatible with the old packages
2006-07-18 nbdchange depends/default for nas
2006-07-18 nbddisable wgt634u images for linux 2.4 (only works with...
2006-07-18 nbdmove the cryptoapi kmod to package/kernel
2006-07-18 nbdallow multiple kernel config dependencies
2006-07-18 nbdmove some of the kernel module packaging to package...
2006-07-18 nbdcheck if the Package/$(NAME) template is defined before...
2006-07-17 kalozsync the sysctls with whiterussian, and tune the conntr...
2006-07-12 mbmclean up console output
2006-07-10 mbmcleanup of [4123]
2006-07-10 mbmrebuild ipkg control files if Makefile changes
2006-07-10 mbmadd a new FORCEREBUILD option to Package/<name> to...
2006-07-10 mbmfix broken .pkginfo under certain situations
2006-07-09 florianAdd missing brcm63xx-2.6 target to the target list
2006-07-07 florianFix brcm63xx support. Now a kernel is booting, detectin...
2006-07-03 florianAdd yamonenv, utility to read and configure variables...
2006-07-03 nicoremove unneeded RSTRIP calls.
2006-07-03 nicofix x86-2.6, update kernel config for 2.6.17.
2006-07-03 nicofix x86-2.4
2006-07-02 florianFancy name for au1000 target
2006-07-02 florianDisable the use of lzma since the alchemy images are...
2006-07-02 florianDisable squashfs for au1000 target since it does not...
2006-07-02 florianAvoid menuconfig warnings
2006-07-02 nicomove libpthread in since it's part of uclibc, standardi...
2006-07-02 nbdalways set NO_TRACE_MAKE
2006-06-30 nbdadd hack for building c++ with gcc 4.1.1
2006-06-28 kalozadd binutils 2.17 and remove the beta versions, update...
2006-06-28 nbdadd workaround for kernel module install
2006-06-27 nbdadd missing copyright notices
2006-06-27 mbmminor changes
2006-06-27 nbdadd copyright headers to busybox patches
2006-06-27 nbdadd missing copyright
2006-06-27 nbdadd missing copyright
2006-06-27 nbdadd missing copyright
2006-06-27 mbmcredit where credit is due
2006-06-27 nbdadd copyright headers to base-files scripts and config...
2006-06-26 nbdadd missing exports
2006-06-26 nbddon't rely on temporary variables in config() as they...
2006-06-26 nbdenable CRC32 in brcm-2.4 kernel config - no idea why...
2006-06-26 nbdremove kmod-ide control file
2006-06-26 florianRemove built-in.o
2006-06-26 florianMerge premilinary Broadcom 63xx support (Livebox, Sieme...
2006-06-26 nbdadd support for new format (no autogenerated...
2006-06-25 nicofix inclusion of kernel modules selected for install...
2006-06-25 nbdadd 'reset to defaults' to menuconfig
2006-06-25 nbduse NO_TRACE_MAKE for menuconfig
2006-06-25 nbdadd extra targets to improve make tracing output
2006-06-25 nbdreorder nas command line parameters (required for bridg...
2006-06-25 nbdmake nas depend on nvram
2006-06-25 nbdwork around a busybox bug
2006-06-25 nbdsmall bugfixes for wifi (broadcom)
2006-06-25 nbdmove the broadcom driver stuff into its own submenu
2006-06-25 nbdadd a simple /sbin/wifi script with support for the...
2006-06-25 nbdfixes for common config functions
2006-06-25 nbdenable wlc by default
2006-06-23 mbmfix ipsec compile (FIXME: move DESTDIR to build template?)
2006-06-23 mbmmini_fo patch from upstream (fixes 2.6.17 compile)
2006-06-23 mbmprevent verbose script from corrupting .pkginfo
2006-06-23 mbmset default verbosity to 0
2006-06-23 mbmfix kernel configure target
2006-06-23 mbmswitch on new verbose system
2006-06-23 nbdnuke jffs2root --move from init scripts
2006-06-23 nbdbackport jffs2 eof detect changes from 2.6
2006-06-23 nbdport the brcm-2.4 flash map driver changes to 2.6
2006-06-23 nbdfix the jffs2 eof detect patch for linux 2.6 (unlocking...
2006-06-23 nbdfix partition align
2006-06-23 nbdadd copyright statement
2006-06-23 mbmnew verbose/trace script for make
2006-06-23 nbdupdate kernel config for brcm-2.6
2006-06-23 nbdbroadcom 2.4: update the trx for jffs2 directly in...
2006-06-23 nbdjffs2 eof detect: mark erased blocks after erasing...
2006-06-23 mbm.pkginfo cleanup #2
2006-06-23 mbmset defaults for .pkginfo
2006-06-22 mbmcleanup
2006-06-22 mbmcosmetic fix for irq error messages