2010-12-11 nbdtools/xz: do not overwrite the lzma binary (backport...
2010-12-11 haukekernel: backport a kernel locking fix needed for carl9170.
2010-12-11 haukekernel: update from version to
2010-12-11 nbdbackport xz from r24481
2010-12-10 jow[backfire] merge r24434
2010-12-10 jow[backfire] merge r24424 and r24427
2010-12-10 nbdbackport the autoreconf fixup (not enabled by default...
2010-12-09 haukekernel: merge r24272
2010-12-06 nbdscripts/feeds: merge git branch support from r24285
2010-12-05 nbdath9k: backport dma fix from r24261
2010-12-04 nbdar71xx: merge pci register read workaround from r24236
2010-12-04 nbdmerge .gitignore changes from r24238
2010-12-03 jow[backfire] merge r24195
2010-12-03 cshore[package] block-extroot: Merged 24230 from trunk: Added...
2010-12-02 jow[backfire] merge r24219
2010-12-01 jow[backfire] merge r24212
2010-12-01 jow[backfire] merge r24206
2010-11-30 jow[package] busybox: fix mixed implicit and normal rules...
2010-11-30 jow[backfire] merge r24196
2010-11-27 jow[backfire] backport r24041
2010-11-26 mirko[backport 23598] "Add HOST_FPIC. It currently always...
2010-11-21 nbdcrda: merge regulatory.bin update from r24063
2010-11-21 jow[backfire] merge r24051
2010-11-20 nbdmac80211: backport a few fixes
2010-11-19 jow[backfire] openssl: sync patches with trunk
2010-11-19 jow[backfire] merge r24037
2010-11-17 nbdx86: enable pci express support (backport of r24026)
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r24022
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r24020
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r23996, r23997, r23998 and r24021
2010-11-15 florianbackport r21848 and r24000
2010-11-15 florianbackport r24006
2010-11-15 jow[backfire] merge r22629
2010-11-14 jow[backfire] merge r23994
2010-11-12 juhosgbackfire: generic: update gpio_buttons driver (backport...
2010-11-11 mirko[backfire] backport commit 22668 :
2010-11-11 jow[backfire] merge r23959-r23961
2010-11-10 jow[backfire] merge r23952
2010-11-07 haukekernel: update from kernel to kernel 2.6...
2010-11-07 nbdath9k: merge compile error fix from r23912
2010-11-07 jow[backfire] merge r22279 and r22282 (#6011)
2010-11-07 jow[backfire] merge r23908
2010-11-07 jow[backfire] merge r23906
2010-11-04 nbdath9k: merge a few fixes from trunk
2010-11-04 florianbackport r23862
2010-11-03 jow[backfire] partly merge r23314 (#7745)
2010-11-02 nbdmake IGNORE_ERRORS apply to deselected packages as...
2010-11-02 nbdmake the display support feature flag selectable (backp...
2010-10-31 florianbackport r23746
2010-10-31 florianbackport r23737
2010-10-31 florianbackport r21404, r21409
2010-10-31 florianbackport r21457
2010-10-31 nbdmac80211: backport the nl80211 crash fix from r23741
2010-10-31 nbdhostapd: merge operstate cleanup from r23738
2010-10-31 nbdmerge mac80211, iw, hostapd from trunk to backfire
2010-10-31 haukecrda: fix circular dependency
2010-10-31 nbdmadwifi: merge ar5416 devid removal from r23730
2010-10-29 jow[backfire] backport r23715
2010-10-29 agb[backfire] package/mac80211: backport list_for_each_ent...
2010-10-29 jow[backfire] refresh generic 2.6.30 patches
2010-10-29 jow[backfire] ar71xx: refresh patches
2010-10-29 jow[backfire] merge r23058, refresh patches
2010-10-27 jow[backfire] merge r23679
2010-10-27 jow[backfire] merge r23660
2010-10-27 jow[backfire] merge r23127
2010-10-27 jow[backfire] merge r23657
2010-10-27 jow[backfire] merge r23655
2010-10-26 jow[backfire] merge r23643
2010-10-26 nbdhostapd: backport the IFF_RUNNING fix from r23641
2010-10-26 jow[backfire] merge r23639
2010-10-23 jow[backfire] merge r23590
2010-10-19 jow[backfire] merge r23528
2010-10-18 jow[backfire] iptables: the iprange v0 match for Linux...
2010-10-14 jow[backfire] partly merge r23451
2010-10-14 nbdmerge umask change from r23445
2010-10-14 jow[backfire] merge r23419
2010-10-14 nbdar71xx: merge ap91_eth removal from r23439
2010-10-14 nbdar71xx: merge dir-600-a1 fix from r23432 (fixes #7563)
2010-10-14 nbdwifi: merge default channel change from r23423
2010-10-13 jow[backfire] merge r21987, r22002, r22147, r22148 and...
2010-10-08 nico[backfire] merge r23345 (closes: #8017)
2010-10-08 agb[backfire] merge r22631
2010-10-08 jow[backfire] backport r23318
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23296
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23264
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23259, r23260 and r23261
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23253, r23254 and r23255
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23248, r23249, r23250, r23251 and...
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23227 and r23238
2010-10-07 jow[backfire] merge r23256, r23257 and r23258
2010-10-07 jow[branches] backfire: merge r23284
2010-10-06 jow[backfire] merge r23279
2010-10-06 jow[backfire] merge r23272
2010-10-06 jow[backfire] merge r22487, r22490, r22528, r22592 and...
2010-10-05 jow[backfire] merge r23232 and r23233
2010-10-05 jow[backfire] merge r23231
2010-10-05 jow[backfire] merge r23230
2010-10-04 jow[backfire] merge r23222
2010-10-04 jow[backfire] merge r23211
2010-10-03 jow[backfire] merge r23173