[x86] Use wildcards to copy grub stage files, will cover both i386-pc and i386-openwr...
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / toolchain /
2009-01-10 nicofix wrong TARGET_SUFFIX when building a toolchain with...
2009-01-08 nico[massive] add support for alternative C libraries ...
2009-01-05 kalozgeneral fixes for openwrt with kernel 2.6.28
2009-01-04 florianFix ssp enabling/disabling (#4388)
2009-01-03 jow[uClibc] enable netlink support
2009-01-03 jow[uClibc] enable support for getifaddrs() - required...
2009-01-02 nbdremove the openat() patch, as it's breaking quite a...
2009-01-02 nbduse binutils 2.18 for avr32, 2.17 is severely broken
2009-01-02 nbdfix avr32 build breakage
2008-12-03 nicofix gcc-4.2.4 when target != avr32
2008-12-02 kaloznuke old gcc 4.2 versions
2008-12-02 kalozsync gcc's Config.in with Config.version
2008-12-02 kaloznuke binutils 2.16.1 - old, unused, buggy
2008-12-02 kalozsync gcc patches with the Atmel 1.1.3 release
2008-12-02 kalozclean up patch
2008-12-02 kalozsync avr32 binutils patch with the Atmel 1.0.1 release
2008-11-26 kalozswitch powerpc targets to gcc 4.2.4
2008-11-25 kalozswitch to gcc 4.2.4 for avr32
2008-11-25 kalozadd avr32 support to binutils 2.18
2008-11-16 florianopenat is not an implemented syscall on linux-2.4,...
2008-11-14 hcgAdd support for openat system call - this must be exten...
2008-11-08 nico[cosmetic] indent conditionnals in uClibc Makefile
2008-11-08 nicoadd md5sums for binutils & gcc and use the GNU mirror...
2008-10-28 florianFix locations for the uClibc snapshot version (#4065)
2008-10-09 hcgThe merge of ppc (32-bit headers) and powerpc (previous...
2008-09-29 nbdfix up the asm includes location for .27 when building...
2008-09-25 larsFix a segfault in uclibc ldso.
2008-09-22 larsAvoid endless recursion in uClibc pthreads.
2008-09-18 nicoadd patches to fixes gcc 4.2.x bugs:
2008-09-02 nbddisable autorebuild for the toolchain, as it can easily...
2008-08-17 nbdmake libc.so symlink relative instead of absolute ...
2008-07-31 nbdstorm is ARMv4, not ARMv4T (thx, SeG)
2008-07-30 florianDisable smash stacking support by default, but allow...
2008-07-29 nbdfix uClibc legacy version
2008-07-27 florianUpdate uClibc config for x86_64
2008-07-21 juhosgsurprise :p
2008-07-21 florianuClibc for x86 targets and kernels >= 2.6.24 need to...
2008-07-14 nicouse qstrip macro to strip quoted CONFIG_* strings
2008-06-15 nbdadd some sanity checking
2008-06-06 blogicfinally fixes etrax toolchain problems, thanks nbd
2008-06-05 kaloz * refresh storm patches
2008-06-05 kalozadd patch to fix EABI compiles on ARMv4
2008-06-04 kalozadd preliminary Marvell Orion support
2008-06-03 kalozsoft-float shouldn't be used on targets with FPU
2008-05-31 kalozgcc 4.2.4 support
2008-05-21 matteorefresh gcc-4.2.3 patches
2008-05-16 thepeoplefix avr32 compiling
2008-05-11 nicoFix a bug causing an infinite loop in getaddrinfo ...
2008-05-03 blogicremove ugly hack for etrax
2008-05-03 blogicfix up uclibc support for etrax
2008-05-03 blogicfix uclibc version selection
2008-04-27 kalozadd preliminary support for Storm SL3512 based devices...
2008-04-26 kalozPXA has Xscale core as well, so optimize the same way...
2008-04-22 nbdmake sure the toolchain target dir really exists
2008-04-14 kalozdo target dependent optimizations
2008-04-12 jk[toolchain] provide a cleaner way to specify a biarch...
2008-04-10 florianDo not disable tls yet, uclibc-ntpl will support it...
2008-04-10 florianDisable tls support, uClibc does not support it, and...
2008-04-03 kalozfix typo
2008-03-29 thepeopleFix format of depends clause for avr32 Signed-off-by...
2008-03-09 nbdfix uclibc build on osx
2008-03-07 nbdremove the "depends BROKEN" for eabi
2008-02-19 nicofix md5sum for v0.28.2 (closes: #3159)
2008-02-17 kalozfixup ARM EABI on GCC 4.1.2
2008-02-14 nbdadd missing config change for OABI
2008-02-14 nbdrevert ARM to oabi by default, add some eabi patches...
2008-02-07 kalozuse GCC 4.2.3 by default for AVR32
2008-02-07 kalozadd GCC 4.2.3
2008-02-07 kalozsync AVR32 patches with upstream
2008-02-03 nbdfix path to etrax patches (#3055)
2008-02-03 kaloz*sigh* :P
2008-02-02 nbdAdd binutils-2.18 patches for all arches but AVR32.
2008-02-02 nbdturn on UCLIBC_HAS_PROGRAM_INVOCATION_NAME (see #2941)
2008-02-01 juhosg[toolchain] eliminate the root cause of the uClibc...
2008-02-01 juhosg[toolchain] gcc: fix version selection for Magicbox
2008-01-27 kalozfix GCC version selection for Magicbox
2008-01-27 juhosg[toolchain] uClibc: change some symbols to local on...
2008-01-27 nbdremove some wrong depends/defaults
2008-01-27 ralphoops, missing file
2008-01-27 ralphadd uClibc version, and snapshots...
2008-01-26 juhosg[toolchain] uClibc: restore support of shadow passwords...
2007-12-31 florianFix sockets.h for mips/mipsel
2007-12-30 nbdfix uclibc compile on brcm-2.4
2007-12-30 nbdfix ntpd compile
2007-12-30 nbduse __inline__ instead of inline to avoid build errors...
2007-12-30 nbdenable res_close bsd compat, asterisk requires this
2007-12-30 nbdadd a workaround for inline function redefinition
2007-12-30 nbdturn SUSv3 legacy macros into inline functions to avoid...
2007-12-29 nbdreplace cflags hacks with the correct solution
2007-12-29 nbdenable gnu glob in uclibc
2007-12-29 nbdunconditionally enable c99 math support in uclibc ...
2007-12-29 nbdfix comgt compile error caused by the uclibc upgrade
2007-12-29 nbdupdate x86 uclibc configs
2007-12-28 kalozuse softfloat and GNU EABI on the IOP, too
2007-12-28 kalozmove ARM to the GNU EABI
2007-12-28 kalozuse soft float by default on arm and powerpc
2007-12-28 kalozupgrade to uClibc 0.9.29 - break binary compatibility #1
2007-12-28 kalozwe don't use Atmel version numbers
2007-12-28 kalozadd another softfloat patch
2007-12-28 kalozupdate AVR32 binutils patches