[x86] Use wildcards to copy grub stage files, will cover both i386-pc and i386-openwr...
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / toolchain / gcc /
2009-01-08 nico[massive] add support for alternative C libraries ...
2009-01-04 florianFix ssp enabling/disabling (#4388)
2009-01-02 nbdfix avr32 build breakage
2008-12-03 nicofix gcc-4.2.4 when target != avr32
2008-12-02 kaloznuke old gcc 4.2 versions
2008-12-02 kalozsync gcc's Config.in with Config.version
2008-12-02 kalozsync gcc patches with the Atmel 1.1.3 release
2008-11-26 kalozswitch powerpc targets to gcc 4.2.4
2008-11-25 kalozswitch to gcc 4.2.4 for avr32
2008-11-08 nicoadd md5sums for binutils & gcc and use the GNU mirror...
2008-09-18 nicoadd patches to fixes gcc 4.2.x bugs:
2008-09-02 nbddisable autorebuild for the toolchain, as it can easily...
2008-07-30 florianDisable smash stacking support by default, but allow...
2008-07-14 nicouse qstrip macro to strip quoted CONFIG_* strings
2008-06-05 kalozadd patch to fix EABI compiles on ARMv4
2008-05-31 kalozgcc 4.2.4 support
2008-05-21 matteorefresh gcc-4.2.3 patches
2008-04-22 nbdmake sure the toolchain target dir really exists
2008-04-12 jk[toolchain] provide a cleaner way to specify a biarch...
2008-04-10 florianDo not disable tls yet, uclibc-ntpl will support it...
2008-04-10 florianDisable tls support, uClibc does not support it, and...
2008-03-07 nbdremove the "depends BROKEN" for eabi
2008-02-17 kalozfixup ARM EABI on GCC 4.1.2
2008-02-14 nbdrevert ARM to oabi by default, add some eabi patches...
2008-02-07 kalozuse GCC 4.2.3 by default for AVR32
2008-02-07 kalozadd GCC 4.2.3
2008-02-01 juhosg[toolchain] gcc: fix version selection for Magicbox
2008-01-27 kalozfix GCC version selection for Magicbox
2007-12-28 kalozadd another softfloat patch
2007-12-28 kalozfixup softfloat handling
2007-11-20 nbdfix a few stampfile locations
2007-10-25 kalozadd gcc 4.2.2
2007-10-23 nbdopenwrt: honour gcc extra configuration flags
2007-10-07 blogicchanged the -fhonours-copts gcc patch, such that the...
2007-09-08 nbdmajor target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtar...
2007-08-26 nicofix typo (closes: #2275)
2007-08-23 florianDisable multilib by default
2007-08-13 florianFix the stage2 compilation, no side effect with gcc4...
2007-08-08 florianrdc can be built with gcc4 as well, my mistake
2007-08-07 nbdbuild system cleanup/restructuring as described in...
2007-08-05 florianrdc-2.6 must be built with gcc-3.4.6, if not it will...
2007-08-04 florianAllow installing gcj/gnu classpath,for those interested
2007-07-31 nbdPort the mbsd_multi patch from freewrt, which adds...
2007-07-30 nbdfix the gcc stampfile for initial stage installation
2007-07-30 kalozadd gcc 4.2.1
2007-06-28 nbdupdate magicbox target to 2.6.22-rc6, select gcc 4...
2007-06-28 nbdfix gcc 4.2.0 compile for ppc
2007-06-28 nbdreplace gcc 4.2 snapshot with 4.2.0 release (sync patch...
2007-06-08 kalozadd support for the AVR32 platform, namely the ATNGW100...
2007-06-08 kalozwe don't need libmudflap at all
2007-03-28 nbdNuke lots of obsolete compiler versions
2007-03-11 kalozfix gcc version selection
2007-03-07 hcgChanged default compiler for 2.6 kernels to 4.1.2
2007-02-22 kalozadd gcc 4.1.2 (closes #1381)
2007-01-26 nbdFix gcc version selection
2007-01-26 kalozuse gcc 4.1.1 for 2.6, 3.4.6 for 2.4 targets by default
2007-01-23 nicorevert gcc to 4.1.1 for x86 to fix uclibc++ build ...
2006-12-07 nbduse the gcc 4.2 snapshot in x86-2.6 by default - seems...
2006-12-06 nbddefault to gcc 4.1.1 for the rb532 again
2006-11-28 kalozfix locale stuff (and there was much rejoicing)
2006-11-23 nbdadd a gcc 4.2 snapshot
2006-11-21 florianPort the locale changes to the other gcc versions as...
2006-11-21 nbdswitch rb532 to the old gcc again. 4.1.1 is suddenly...
2006-11-21 florianForgot that part (#926)
2006-11-21 florianFix gcc config_largefile (#926)
2006-11-12 nbdfix gcc compile
2006-11-12 nbdmore shell related fixes
2006-10-27 kalozrename the xscale target to ixp4xx for the forthcoming...
2006-10-25 nbduse gcc 4.1.1 for rb532 by default
2006-10-13 nbdfinally move buildroot-ng to trunk
2006-10-10 nbdfix gcc compile
2006-10-09 nbdenable gcc 4.1.1 by default in x86-2.6 (verified on...
2006-09-27 nbdmove tools from toolchain/ to tools/
2006-09-02 nbdgcc 3.4.6 should be safe on brcm-2.4 now
2006-08-29 nbdfix gcc symlink install
2006-08-06 kalozadd XScale support to -ng
2006-08-04 florianAdd nonmips patches
2006-08-04 mbmset PATH in rules.mk
2006-07-21 kalozmake gcc 4.1.1 the default for Aruba
2006-07-21 kalozrevert [4106] as it breaks toolchain selection
2006-07-02 florianAvoid menuconfig warnings
2006-06-30 nbdadd hack for building c++ with gcc 4.1.1
2006-06-28 kalozadd binutils 2.17 and remove the beta versions, update...
2006-06-21 nbdmassive cleanup of toolchain/
2006-06-15 nbdfix menuconfig developer options structure
2006-06-15 nbdfix gcc version selection
2006-06-13 nbdremove libgcc hack
2006-06-08 kalozadd arm eabi patches
2006-06-06 kalozadd GCC 4.1.1 and sync 4.1.0 with Kamikaze
2006-05-31 nbdcleanup; replace .PHONY with FORCE; disable gdb by...
2006-05-30 nbdremove stale libgcc menuconfig item
2006-05-30 nbdfix toolchain build, remove some old gcc junk
2006-05-22 nicofix GCC version.
2006-05-12 mbmfix BR2_ and CONFIG_ issues
2006-04-20 nbdmenuconfig cleanup
2006-03-21 kalozadd gcc 4.0.3, and make it the default for Aruba
2006-03-20 mbmfix pesky libgcc issue
2006-03-19 nbdremove obsolete BR2_GCC_3_4 config symbol
2006-03-19 nbdfix gcc menuconfig defaults
2006-03-10 nbdadd gcc 3.4.6