Add gitignore files
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / target /
2007-05-29 rwhitbyRemove the disabling of bluetooth for ixp4xx-2.6 compar...
2007-05-29 florianFix .21 compilation on memory.c (#1778)
2007-05-29 florianInclude the architecture specific gpio file for now
2007-05-29 florianRestore the gpio.h file, platform.c uses the generic...
2007-05-28 kalozadd support for the AMCC Taishan, mark it as broken...
2007-05-28 hcgDefault kernel config file for .21 kernel
2007-05-28 hcgSerial patches for .21
2007-05-28 hcgmtd partitioning for .21
2007-05-28 hcgGPIO changes for .21 kernel
2007-05-28 hcgpatch no longer required - incorporated in base patches
2007-05-28 hcguserspace gpio driver for .21
2007-05-28 hcgactivity-led.patch no longer required
2007-05-28 hcgFirst patches to get to .21 kernel
2007-05-27 florianAdd support for USB HID (#1322)
2007-05-27 florianAdd yealink usb phone kernel packages
2007-05-27 florianResync uml with generic-2.6 kernel config
2007-05-27 florianResync kernel configuration with generic-2.6
2007-05-27 florianRemove empty gpio.h files
2007-05-26 nbdsync atheros-2.6 config, move parts to the generic...
2007-05-26 nbdrefresh kernel patches so that they apply cleanly
2007-05-26 nbdrefresh x86 kernel config
2007-05-26 nbdremove bogus netfilter dependencies
2007-05-26 nbdenable TCPMSS target by default
2007-05-26 nbdmove x86 lzma loader patch from generic patches into...
2007-05-26 nbdbrcm47xx-2.6 cleanup, fix the kernel config
2007-05-26 kalozoops, one file got left out.. also add a profile for...
2007-05-26 kalozbcm47xx compile fix for .21, thanks to noz
2007-05-26 kalozfix magicbox, convert mtd mapping to platform_device...
2007-05-25 florianUpdate rdc to .21, mark it as broken
2007-05-24 florianadd generic GPIO to MIPS boards, use it for au1000...
2007-05-24 florianUpdate au1000 for .21, build an SREC initramfs image...
2007-05-24 kalozfix .21 for sibyte.. because we can..
2007-05-24 nbdfix ar7 compile
2007-05-24 nbddon't redefine MIPS_CPU_IRQ_BASE
2007-05-24 nbdfix rb532 compile
2007-05-24 kalozfix Magicbox for .21 and convert to the new structure
2007-05-24 kalozfix aruba compile for .21
2007-05-24 kalozcleanup patch
2007-05-24 nbdnuke vga console support from the x86 lzma loader,...
2007-05-24 kalozaruba fixes, work in progress
2007-05-23 nbdupdate x86 config and move some config defaults to...
2007-05-23 nbdfix x86 lzma loader
2007-05-23 kalozfixup iop32x, needs testing, but should work now
2007-05-23 kalozupdate netfilter patches, fix atheros
2007-05-23 nbdfix x86-2.6 compile
2007-05-23 nbdfix compile error in the netfilter ipset module
2007-05-23 kalozbreak trunk temporary - upgrade to and iptable...
2007-05-23 nbdfix x86 boot filesystem allocation (#1736)
2007-05-23 nbdmake CONFIG_PCCARD disabled by default
2007-05-22 florianFix adm5120hcd compilation error (#1738)
2007-05-20 kalozcommandline mtd partition parsing is ugly, convert...
2007-05-20 florianDisable PCMCIA for adm5120, request IRQ for the USB...
2007-05-20 florianSplit the led driver
2007-05-20 florianFix duplicate entries in the patch
2007-05-20 florianAdd ADM5120 GPIO wrappers
2007-05-20 florianAdd generic GPIO support to MIPS boards
2007-05-20 florianImplement architecture speficic GPIO calls for adm5120...
2007-05-20 florianUse the generic GPIO api for bcm947xx and ar7 (for...
2007-05-20 kalozconvert aruba to the new structure
2007-05-20 kalozgive Aruba some love - add support for the combined...
2007-05-19 nbdfix pcmcia/pccard build defaults
2007-05-19 nbdadd some apparently missing dma cache ops to the korina...
2007-05-19 nbdconvert rb532 to the new structure
2007-05-18 florianBackport [7224] to the adm5120 flash map driver
2007-05-15 nbdFix broadcom squashfs images:
2007-05-14 florianAdd the #1680 fix for GNU make versions
2007-05-14 nbdbrcm47xx-2.6: fix squashfs image partitioning problem
2007-05-13 florianFix routeboard board detection, add some new ZyXEL...
2007-05-13 kalozfix the nslu2 image for the new layout
2007-05-11 florianCorrection, there is no USB for RB1xx targets
2007-05-11 florianAdd a RB1xx profile to generate RouterBoard RB1xx serie...
2007-05-11 florianInclude admswconfig for adm5120 based targets
2007-05-11 florianadm5120 is no longer broken now
2007-05-11 mbmfix bug in imagebuilder init.d scripts
2007-05-11 florianRewrite LED driver, enable PCMCIA modules
2007-05-11 florianBackport [7172] to adm5120 mtd map driver
2007-05-11 florianSuppress OpenWrt partition, no needed anymore
2007-05-11 nbdadd support for 16 bit pcmcia cards
2007-05-11 florianFix some \n and kernel logging levels
2007-05-11 florianLED driver update
2007-05-10 mbmcleanup the broadcom preinit.arch
2007-05-10 mbmuse generic inittab for x86
2007-05-10 nbdminor cleanup
2007-05-10 mbmunified preinit environment
2007-05-10 nbdbrcm47xx: mtd map driver cleanup - reuse generic mtd...
2007-05-10 nbdbroadcom: rename the OpenWrt partition to rootfs_data
2007-05-10 nbdcleanup
2007-05-10 kalozfixup avila networking, add support for the loft
2007-05-10 kalozpreliminary board support for the Linksys WRT300N v2...
2007-05-10 mbmforgot a file in [7158]
2007-05-10 mbmchange handling of target/linux/generic-2.x/files to...
2007-05-10 nbdpatch the correct exception handler (see #1642)
2007-05-10 nbdfix ixp4xx npe microcode link (from #1634)
2007-05-09 hcgMidified UART init, added interrupt handlers for DCD...
2007-05-09 hcgCorrected inverted DCD/DTR logic
2007-05-09 hcgAdd support for VersaLink modem control on DCE ports...
2007-05-08 florianBuild multipath caching modules
2007-05-07 florianBuild nls modules (#1647)
2007-05-07 nbdbring up the ethernet driver before loading the switch...
2007-05-07 florianDo not enable IDE for brcm47xx for now