ar71xx: register rtl8366-smi device on the DIR-825 B1 board
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / target / linux / iop32x /
2009-12-04 florian[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-11-11 kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 kalozsort all target config files
2009-10-27 kalozupgrade iop32x to 2.6.30
2009-10-06 nico[kernel] move more CONFIG_SND entries to generic
2009-10-05 agb[iop32x] add missing SND_ARM kconfig option
2009-07-06 florian[kernel] avoid overriding CONFIG_TUN with a couple...
2009-06-15 kalozdon't override CONFIG_NEW_LEDS in target configs
2009-05-18 kalozeven more config file cleanup
2009-05-15 kalozconfig cleanups
2009-05-14 kalozsome additional config file cleanup..
2009-05-14 kalozunify congestion control options
2009-05-14 kalozmove arm ARCH symbols to the generic configs
2009-05-14 kalozmake kernels use /etc/preinit by default
2009-05-04 kalozsome more kernel config cleanup.. last for today :)
2009-05-04 kalozmore cleanup
2009-05-04 kalozcleanup MTD option handling
2009-05-04 kalozupgrade IOP32x to
2009-03-14 nbdremove obsolete eabi config overrides
2008-11-12 juhosg[kernel] update to,, and...
2008-10-23 florianUpdate to
2008-09-29 florianDo not override classifier kernel configuration symbols
2008-09-26 juhosg[kernel] update to and
2008-09-24 nicodisable CONFIG_USB_SUPPORT in generic config for 2...
2008-08-22 juhosg[kernel] update to and
2008-08-18 kalozupgrade iop32x to
2008-08-02 thepeopletry to clean up some kernel configs
2008-05-18 juhosg[kernel] upgrade to latest kernel versions (2.6.25...
2008-05-09 nicoenable proper PCI & USB support detection at config...
2008-04-28 kaloznaming convention
2008-04-28 kalozupgrade to
2008-04-03 kalozfix EABI kernel config on IOP32x
2008-03-07 nbddisable partitions for unallocated redboot flash memory...
2008-02-11 kalozupgrade & standardize kernel versions
2008-02-10 kalozupgrade iop32x to 2.6.24
2008-01-01 nbdfix initramfs
2007-12-28 kalozuse softfloat and GNU EABI on the IOP, too
2007-11-10 nbdmake the image filenames a bit shorter
2007-09-29 juhosgget rid of per-profile base-files
2007-09-23 nicomove crypto support to a seperate file, split...
2007-09-19 nbdclean up jffs2 config options
2007-09-08 nbdadapt profiles for subtarget changes
2007-09-08 nbdmajor target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtar...
2007-09-06 nbdstrip the kernel version suffix from target directories...