ar71xx: register rtl8366-smi device on the DIR-825 B1 board
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / target / linux / gemini /
2009-12-04 florian[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-11-11 kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 kalozsort all target config files
2009-10-23 florian[kernel] update to
2009-10-01 juhosgkernel: upgrade to and refresh patches
2009-09-17 kalozupdate to latest 2.6.27 and 2.6.30 kernels
2009-09-09 florian[kernel] update to, compile tested on some...
2009-08-17 florian[kernel] use
2009-07-31 florian[kernel] update to
2009-07-27 florian[kernel] switch to
2009-07-20 kalozupdate to
2009-07-05 florian[kernel] update targets to, update patches
2009-06-11 hcgBump 2.6.30 kernel version to final
2009-06-03 kalozupgrade to 2.6.30-rc8
2009-06-01 kalozuse squashfs on the gemini by default, remove broken...
2009-06-01 kalozfixup mac addresses on gemini boards
2009-06-01 kalozgenerate squashfs images
2009-06-01 kalozregister the watchdog on the wbd111
2009-06-01 kalozoptimize the kernel for size... *sigh*
2009-05-25 kalozupdate to 2.6.30-rc7
2009-05-19 juhosg[gemini] enable LEDS in kernel config
2009-05-19 juhosg[gemini] enable PCI support
2009-05-19 juhosg[gemini] sync kernel config
2009-05-18 juhosg[gemini] disable the watchdog if the bootloader left...
2009-05-18 kalozeven more config file cleanup
2009-05-18 kalozupgrade to 2.6.30-rc6, refresh patches
2009-05-15 juhosg[gemini] add missing includes
2009-05-15 juhosg[gemini] add static mtd map for the WBD-111
2009-05-15 kalozconfig cleanups
2009-05-14 kalozsome additional config file cleanup..
2009-05-14 kalozunify congestion control options
2009-05-14 kalozmove arm ARCH symbols to the generic configs
2009-05-14 kalozremove debugging options from the gemini kernel config
2009-05-14 kalozmake kernels use /etc/preinit by default
2009-05-13 kalozworkaround a bootloader bug on the WBD111
2009-05-11 kalozadd preliminary support for the successor of the storm...