ar71xx: register rtl8366-smi device on the DIR-825 B1 board
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / target / linux / ar71xx /
2009-12-09 juhosgar71xx: register rtl8366-smi device on the DIR-825...
2009-12-09 nbdrtl8306: manage the wan port as a separate phy device...
2009-12-08 jow[ar71xx] fix default network config after r18699
2009-12-08 nbdar71xx: make the rtl8306 switch attach to eth0 instead...
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: TL-WR1043ND support cleanup
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: preliminary support for the TL-WR1043ND
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: register rtl8366_smi device on the WNDR3700
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: add mdio bus driver for the rtl8366 switch
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: refresh patches
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: add support for external mii_bus
2009-12-08 juhosgar71xx: move phy_connect call to ag71xx_open
2009-12-04 juhosgar71xx: experimental 2.6.32 support
2009-12-04 florian[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-12-03 juhosgar71xx: refresh 2.6.30 patches
2009-12-03 juhosgar71xx: DIR-825 support cleanup
2009-12-03 juhosgar71xx: add support for the D-Link DIR-825 rev. B1...
2009-12-03 juhosgar71xx: change mii_bus name
2009-12-03 juhosgar71xx: refresh 2.6.31 patches
2009-11-30 juhosgar71xx: override fifo_cfg[123] values on AR7240
2009-11-29 nbdkernel: move CONFIG_MIPS_FPU_EMU to generic kernel...
2009-11-29 nbdar71xx: mask out reserved bits from the dma tx status...
2009-11-29 nbdar71xx: add usb support for ubnt rocket m
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: fix mac address for 5GHz interface on WNDR3700
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: update ath9k_platform.h
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: fix extension of the WNDR3700 firmware image
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: override mtd partitions for the TEW-632BRP...
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: create images for the WNDR3700, which can be...
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: create sysupgrade image for the WNDR3700
2009-11-28 juhosgar71xx: fix a typo in
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: add default network configuration file for...
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: add PCI fixup for the WNDR3700 board
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: fix pll_1000 values for the WNDR3700
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: add AR724x GPIO_FUNC register bit defines
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: fix AR724X_GPIO_COUNT
2009-11-27 juhosgar71xx: add AR724x register defines
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: rename TL-WRx41 images, because newer factory...
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: use MkImageLzma template for Ubiquiti XM devices
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: add sysupgrade support for Ubiquiti XM boards
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: enable failsafe on the Nanostation M/Rocket M
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: create combined images for the RS, RS-PRO and...
2009-11-25 juhosgar71xx: dont't build images for Ubiquiti XM devices...
2009-11-24 nbdar71xx: the squashfs-4k images are unreliable in some...
2009-11-23 nbdar71xx: use 4k erase size images for ubnt xm
2009-11-18 nbdar71xx: build images for ubnt bullet-m, rocket-m and...
2009-11-18 nbdar71xx: use a separate board id for rocket m
2009-11-18 nbdar71xx: enable command-line mtd map parsing
2009-11-18 matteoar71xx: add Ubiquiti Rocket M and Nanostation M support
2009-11-16 juhosgar71xx: setup platform data for ath9k on the TL-WR741ND...
2009-11-16 juhosgar71xx: register LEDs and buttons on the WNDR3700
2009-11-16 juhosgar71xx: use __init for ar{71,91}xx_usb_setup
2009-11-13 juhosgar71xx: add preliminary support for the Netgear WNDR3700
2009-11-13 juhosgar71xx: add profile for the TL-WR841ND v5 board
2009-11-11 kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 kalozsort all target config files
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: sync 2.6.31 kernel config
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: add preliminary support for the TL-WR841ND...
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: use soc specific divider for mdio clock
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: update mdio_reset code
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: add missing profiles for the TL-WR841ND v3...
2009-10-30 juhosgar71xx: simplify image generation
2009-10-23 florian[kernel] update to
2009-10-20 juhosgar71xx: add default network configuration for RS and...
2009-10-20 juhosgar71xx: add default network configuration file for...
2009-10-20 juhosgar71xx: Compex WPJ543 board is supported as well
2009-10-20 juhosgar71xx: fix PCI IRQ map of the WP543
2009-10-19 juhosgar71xx: create firmware image for WP543 boards with...
2009-10-19 juhosgar71xx: enable myloader partition parser on 2.6.30...
2009-10-19 juhosgar71xx: sync 2.6.30 kernel config
2009-10-19 juhosgar71xx: reset the phy chip along with the ethernet...
2009-10-19 juhosgar71xx: reset the ethernet device before registration
2009-10-02 nbdadd a defconfig for wrt160nl which contains switch...
2009-10-02 nbdar71xx: fix usb preselection in profiles
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: use 'link4' LED for diagnostic on Bullet M
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: initialize PCI controller on the Bullet M
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: init ethernet mac address on the Bullet M
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: add default network configuration for the Bullet M
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: register GPIO button on the Bullet M
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: add PCI Host Controller fixup for ar724x
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: use ar71xx_pci_fixup on ar71xx SoCs only
2009-10-01 juhosgar71xx: fix a typo in the ar724x PCI code
2009-10-01 juhosgkernel: upgrade to and refresh patches
2009-09-23 juhosgar71xx: flush mii register writes
2009-09-23 juhosgar71xx: refresh 2.6.28 patches
2009-09-23 juhosgar71xx: don't use mac_base2 in the ag71xx driver
2009-09-23 juhosgar71xx: remove some extern directives in the ag71xx...
2009-09-17 kalozupdate to latest 2.6.27 and 2.6.30 kernels
2009-09-15 matteoar71xx: preliminary Ubiquiti Bullet M support
2009-09-10 juhosgkernel: get rid of the simple_prom_emulator, it is...
2009-09-10 juhosgar71xx: rewrite prom code (based on a patch by Jeff...
2009-09-10 juhosgkernel: add generic image_cmdline hack to MIPS targets
2009-09-10 juhosgar71xx: refresh patches
2009-09-09 florian[kernel] update to, compile tested on some...
2009-09-08 juhosgar71xx: add preliminary support for the RB-411U (thanks...
2009-09-08 juhosgar71xx: the adm6996 phy driver does not work with the...
2009-09-05 juhosgar71xx: use WPS led for diagnostic on WRT160NL
2009-08-26 juhosg[ar71xx] move early_printk stuff into a separate file
2009-08-25 juhosg[ar71xx] remove AR71XX_EARLY_SERIAL stuff
2009-08-24 juhosg[ar71xx] add 2.6.31 config
2009-08-24 juhosg[ar71xx] add patches for 2.6.31