modernize backfire 10.03 so it can be operational again
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / target / imagebuilder /
2012-04-17 jow[backfire] merge r31327
2012-04-12 jow[backfire] merge r31267, r31268
2012-01-24 juhosgbackfire: ImageBuilder: respect the PROFILE parameter...
2011-09-09 jow[backfire] merge r28205
2011-09-09 jow[backfire] merge r27872
2010-10-26 jow[backfire] merge r23643
2010-10-26 jow[backfire] merge r23639
2010-09-12 jow[backfire] merge r23039
2010-09-10 jow[backfire] merge r22997
2010-09-08 jow[backfire] merge r22980
2010-09-08 jow[backfire] merge r22978
2010-09-07 jow[backfire] merge r22973
2010-09-07 jow[backfire] merge r22949
2010-04-27 jow[backfire] merge r21213
2010-03-30 nicoimagebuilder: don't disable on uml
2010-03-30 nicoimagebuilder: various fixes
2010-03-09 jow[imagebuilder] remove dependency on CONFIG_ALL
2010-03-08 juhosgimagebuilder: add REVISION variable (closes #6795)
2010-02-13 jow[imagebuilder] fix custom package selection
2009-12-18 nicodisable IB & SDK when using an external toolchain ...
2009-10-22 nbdimagebuilder: accept empty profile names, some targets...
2009-09-20 florian[imagebuilder] remove board name hack (#5823)
2009-07-02 agb[ImageBuilder] remove legacy 2.4-specific behavior...
2009-07-02 agb[ImageBuilder] fix profile package selection, packages...
2009-04-21 nico[imagebuilder] fix initscripts activation (closes:...
2009-04-17 nbdget rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has...
2008-08-22 nicofix ImageBuilder (closes: #3863)
2008-08-17 nbdsome more build system cleanup
2008-07-29 agb[ipkg] Generate gzipped package lists
2008-03-19 nbdDetach the building of sdk and imagebuilder from "Selec...
2008-01-03 florianFix imagebuilder for 2.6 kernels (#2900)
2007-12-13 nbdstrip -$(KERNEL) from sdk/imagebuilder names
2007-12-13 nbdfix imagebuilder compile
2007-12-09 nbdUse $(CP) instead of $(INSTALL_BIN) for binaries.
2007-11-14 nbdfix the image builder
2007-09-09 florianFix the imagebuilder generation (does not mean it works...
2007-08-14 florianFix image builder generation (#2213)
2007-08-13 florianFix the imagebuilder compilation (#2213)
2007-07-10 nbdfix a typo
2007-06-12 florianSuppress spaces in uname -m
2007-05-11 mbmfix bug in imagebuilder init.d scripts
2007-04-29 nbdfixes for a few build errors on osx without fink
2007-04-15 nbdexport the IMAGEBUILDER variable so that makefiles...
2007-04-12 nbdrevert find | xargs => find | exec changes - this is...
2007-04-03 mbmAccidentially broke sdk and imagebuilder in [6857]
2007-04-03 mbmmore [6849]
2007-04-02 florianUse find -exec instead of xargs
2007-02-28 nbdmark uml as broken and add some cleanups (not working...
2007-02-22 nbdignore profiles with custom kernel configs in the image...
2007-02-22 nbddisable the image builder in menuconfig for profiles...
2007-02-22 nbdrename the Profile template that the image builder...
2007-01-21 nbdfix a typo
2007-01-20 nbdAdd WL-700gE support (based on work by jr)
2007-01-20 nbdinclude .pkginfo in image builder
2007-01-14 nbdshow package list on make info in the image builder
2007-01-14 nbdFix config checks for Image Builder and SDK - only...
2007-01-14 nbdremove BIN_DIR on make clean in the image builder
2007-01-14 nbdinclude .targetinfo in the image builder, and allow...
2007-01-11 nbdforce rebuild of the imagebuilder
2007-01-10 nbdAdd initial version of the new Image Builder