make mmc_over_gpio init uci-aware
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / package / mmc_over_gpio / Makefile
2008-11-17 jowmake mmc_over_gpio init uci-aware
2008-07-20 mbUpdate gpiommc to use configfs
2008-07-18 mbUpdate GPIO-based MMC driver
2008-05-02 nicomore use of the new GPIO_SUPPORT option
2008-04-15 juhosg[package] move spi_gpio driver into the kernel, clean...
2008-04-12 nicodisable kmod-mmc-over-gpio on x86
2008-03-27 florianCreate the kmod-spi package and load mmc_over_gpio...
2008-03-21 mbmmc_over_gpio: Add initscript that will create a device
2008-03-21 mblinux-2.6: Add a driver to run an MMC or SD card over...