build: do not use shell calls to export empty opkg control files, speeds up package...
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / .gitignore
2010-12-04 nbdmerge .gitignore changes from r24238
2009-12-16 nbd.gitignore: ignore vim swap files
2009-04-24 nbdadd logs/ to .gitignore
2008-09-23 nbdadd feeds.conf to .gitignore
2008-08-06 nbdadd missing gitignore change for build environments
2008-06-06 nbdupdate svn:ignore and .gitignore
2008-02-09 nbdadd package/openwrt-packages to .gitignore
2007-10-13 nbdadd package/feeds to .gitignore
2007-10-09 nbdadd feeds to .gitignore
2007-08-07 nbdupdate svn and git ignore settings
2007-06-25 nbdmake top-level .gitignore only apply to top-level files...
2007-05-29 nbdAdd gitignore files