2016-04-02 acoullinux/ar71xx: cosmetic fix for rb-711 rebase
2016-04-02 acoulpackage/base-files: nuke bridge hardcoding from lan
2016-04-02 acoullinux/ar71xx: add missing symbol to Linux 3.18
2016-04-02 acoullinux/ar71xx: rework rb-711 support
2016-04-02 acoulpackage/utils: add mtd-utils
2016-04-02 acoulpackage/base-files: revise rc.local until we sync to...
2016-04-01 acoulpackage/base-files: update rc.local
2016-03-31 acoulpackage: add a few extra packages
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: add an ath79_serial upstream patch
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: update kernel 3.18 & 4.1 config options
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: rework led code isolation
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: rework RB-711 patch
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: add RB711 architecture
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/quagga: add quagga
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/mtr: add mtr
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/htpdate: add htpdate
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/ethtool: add ethtool
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/bird: add latest version
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/mac80211: ozonet diet: update led code isolation
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: update yaffs for kernel 4.4
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: update kernel 4.4 patches (so far 4.4...
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: sync kernel 3.18 patches to .29
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: use a stable kernel
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: ozonet diet: led code is resource waste...
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ar71xx: ozonet diet: use RB4xx & RB7xx products...
2016-03-31 acoulbase-files/rc.local: ozonet diet: netifd is becoming...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: update config for rb711 tests
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: sync kernel 4.1 config to upstream
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: sync kernel 4.1 patches to upstream
2016-03-31 acoullinux/rb532: sync to upstream
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/mac80211: fix led code
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: add rb711 platform support on 3.18 linux...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: add longterm linux kernel 3.18 support
2016-03-31 acoulimage/lzma-loader: preserve MIPS abiflags
2016-03-31 acoultarget/rb532: revert upstream change. ozonet kernels...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: add RouterBoard 711 support
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/madwifi: fix url source download
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/madwifi: fix linux kernel >4.1 compile
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/wireless-tools: sync to latest version. add...
2016-03-31 acoulkernel/modules: fix a typo in ar83x7 switch dependecies
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: split ar8327 from ar8216 switch code
2016-03-31 acoulkernel/modules: fix ar8216 module loading order
2016-03-31 acoulkernel/modules: add ar8216 switch module support
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: remove an obsolete patch
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ar71xx: push r46012 back to 4.1 kernel patch...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/rb532: add korina ethernet kernel driver dependency
2016-03-31 acoultarget/rb532: fix ethernet port
2016-03-31 acoultarget/rb532: fix broken yaffs image creation
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: add a missing symbol
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: rework modernize ar231x ethernet driver
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/procd: in a low resource embedded world respawn...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: ar231x ethernet driver: enable baby jumbo...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: fix compile issue for module setup
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: secure MII kernel selection since it...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: offer ar231x ethernet as a module and...
2016-03-31 acoullinux/ath25: revert ar231x ethernet update
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: sync to upstream changes
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: ozonet diet config options
2016-03-31 acoulpackage/madwifi: madwifi driver is alive and kicking !!
2016-03-31 acoultarget/ath25: ozonet diet on configs, add 4.1 kernel...
2016-03-31 acoullinux/generic: ozonet diet: make OpenWrt embedded frien...
2016-03-31 acoulbase-files/etc/rc.local: ozonet network diet: force...
2016-03-31 acoultarget/linux: sync 3.18 & 4.1 linux kernels to upstream
2016-03-30 rmileckikernel: update kernel 3.18 to version 3.18.29
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: improve USB 2.0 PHY support for BCM4709 and...
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: support USB 3.0 PHY on BCM4707 rev. 6 and...
2016-03-30 rmileckibcm53xx: simpify USB 3.0 PHY initialization
2016-03-29 wigyoripackage: uboot-sunxi: various changes
2016-03-25 lukauboot-mvebu: add package
2016-03-24 lukaar71xx: cosmetic fix of alfa ap120c/ap96 ordering
2016-03-23 lukauboot-envtools: add support for ap120c
2016-03-23 lukaar71xx: add support for ap120c
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: migrate tplink cpe510 to new build steps
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx/image: allow builds of loader without cmdline...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx/image: introduce LOADER_TYPE to support elf...
2016-03-23 blogicuboot-zynq: Update to U-Boot 2016.03 release
2016-03-23 blogiczynq: Simplify boot-img build
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: WNR1000v2: enable control of all LEDs and buttons
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Add QCA955X GPIO mux and function definitions
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Add support for ath79_gpio_function_* on QCA955X
2016-03-23 blogicmac80211: build airo on x86 only
2016-03-23 blogicRevert "ar71xx: Clear bits in ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_cfg"
2016-03-23 blogicRevert "ar71xx: Allow to set the RXDV, RXD, TXD, TXE...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Use private version of ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_...
2016-03-23 blogicar71xx: Use private version of ath79_setup_qca955x_eth_...
2016-03-23 blogicoxnas: set ubifs parameters for Default profile
2016-03-23 blogicmediatek: patch block2mtd to allow cmdlineparts to...
2016-03-22 blogicmediatek: update patches
2016-03-21 blogicmt76: fix compile error
2016-03-21 blogicmediatek: bump to v4.4
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric/4.4: remove ISSI SI25CD512 SPI flash support...
2016-03-21 juhosgramips: lzma-loader: fix O32 ABI conformance
2016-03-21 juhosglantiq: lzma-loader: fix O32 ABI conformance
2016-03-21 juhosgbrcm47xx: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosgbrcm47xx: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces...
2016-03-21 juhosgadm5120: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosgadm5120: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces from...
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric: lzma-loader: fix cache invalidation
2016-03-21 juhosggeneric: lzma-loader: remove trailing whitespaces from...
2016-03-20 blogicodhcp6c : Silence mtu write error warnings