2010-04-27 acoul[backfire] merge r21188
2010-04-27 jow[backfire] merge r21187
2010-04-25 mirkomerge commit 21050 ("add "patented"-build flag to allow...
2010-04-25 ralph[backfire] merge r21153
2010-04-24 nico[backfire] backport r21130
2010-04-24 jow[backfire] merge r21121
2010-04-24 ralph[backfire] merges r21117
2010-04-23 jow[backfire] merge r20683
2010-04-23 jow[backfire] merge r20679-r20685
2010-04-23 jow[backfire] merge r21109
2010-04-23 jow[backfire] merge r21104
2010-04-22 nico[backfire] merge [20906:20912], [20914:20922] & [20972]
2010-04-21 nbd[backfire] merge prereq check fix from r21078
2010-04-20 nbd[backfire] merge hostapd fix from r21065
2010-04-20 nbd[backfire] backport rb532 kernel config fix from r21060
2010-04-20 jow[backfire] merge r20807
2010-04-20 nbd[backfire] merge hostapd fix from r21043
2010-04-20 juhosgbackfire: atheros: refresh 2.6.32 patches (backport...
2010-04-20 juhosgbackfire: atheros: register wmac device only if it...
2010-04-20 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: fix mtd_layout for the DIR-615-C1...
2010-04-19 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: sync kernel config (backport of r21031)
2010-04-19 jow[backfire] merge r21010
2010-04-18 juhosgbackfire: atheros: nuke clocksoure init patch (backport...
2010-04-18 nbdath9k: backport the config option removal from r20972
2010-04-18 nbdath9k: backport the rx stuck bugfix change from r20967
2010-04-17 nico[backfire] backport r20900
2010-04-17 nico[backfire] backport r20924
2010-04-17 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: nuke clocksource init patches, it...
2010-04-17 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: fix MagicBox partition table (backpor...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: swconfig: Add cpu port index to help output...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: swconfig: Fix switch name. (backport of r20938)
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: package/modules: package isp116x-hcd driver...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: enable USB support (backport of r20933)
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: add isp116x-hcd to the device tree...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: make isp116x-hcd driver usable on...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: add more EBC_BXCR defines (backport...
2010-04-16 juhosgbackfire: ppc40x: move perwe fixup into a separate...
2010-04-16 jow[backfire] merge r20935
2010-04-16 nico[backfire] backport r20913
2010-04-16 nico[backfire] backport r20905
2010-04-16 nico[backfire] backport r20893
2010-04-16 nico[backfire] backport r20901
2010-04-15 jow[backfire] merge r20885
2010-04-15 jow[backfire] merge r20883
2010-04-15 nico[backfire] backport r20875
2010-04-15 nico[backfire] backport r20869 (closes: #7055)
2010-04-15 nico[backfire] backport r20865
2010-04-15 nico[backfire] backport r20864
2010-04-14 nico[backfire] backport r20831
2010-04-14 nbd[backfire] backport timestamp check fixes from r20856
2010-04-14 nbd[backfire] backport Pirelli Alice Gate CRC calculation...
2010-04-13 jow[backfire] merge r20846
2010-04-13 jow[backfire] merge r20838
2010-04-12 florianbackport r20829 to backfire
2010-04-12 florianbackport r20826 to backfire
2010-04-12 juhosgppc40x: add sysupgrade support (backport of r20821)
2010-04-12 juhosgppc40x: increase kernel partition size on OpenRB/Magicb...
2010-04-12 juhosgppc40x: sync kernel config (backport of r20819)
2010-04-11 acoul[backfire] merge r20739
2010-04-10 jow[backfire] merge r20775
2010-04-10 juhosgbackfire: Generic: Clean up output of AR8216 driver...
2010-04-09 jow[backfire] merge r20768
2010-04-09 florianbackport r20765 to backfire
2010-04-09 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: update phy masks for the Planex board...
2010-04-09 juhosgbackfire: generic: make chip detection more reliable...
2010-04-09 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: make the AR8216 driver usable on...
2010-04-09 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: ag71xx: avoid unalinged accesses...
2010-04-09 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: ag71xx: call the phy driver's netif_r...
2010-04-09 acoul[backfire] merge r20757
2010-04-07 jow[backfire] merge r20740
2010-04-06 jow[backfire] merge r20735
2010-04-06 jow[backfire] merge r20733
2010-04-06 nico[backfire] backport r20726 & r20727
2010-04-06 nbdar71xx: remove pb92 images in backfire, the port is...
2010-04-05 jow[backfire] merge r20722
2010-04-05 jow[backfire] merge r20720
2010-04-05 jow[backfire] switch LuCI feed to v0.9.0 tag
2010-04-05 jow[backfire] merge r20717
2010-04-05 nico[backfire] target/rdc: backport r20714
2010-04-04 nbd[backfire] ixp4xx: backport r20708
2010-04-04 nico[backfire] target/xburst: backport r20701
2010-04-04 nico[backfire] sysupgrade: backport r20703
2010-04-04 nico[backfire] target/xburst: backport r20698 (closes:...
2010-04-04 nico[backfire] package/cyassl: backport r20692
2010-04-04 nico[backfire] netfilter: backport r20690, r20693 & r20694
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] kernel: backport r20664
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] opkg: backport r20686
2010-04-03 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: fix broken LAN ports on the boards...
2010-04-03 jow[backfire] merge r20675
2010-04-03 jow[backfire] merge r20668
2010-04-03 jow[backfire] merge r20669
2010-04-03 jow[backfire] merge r20656 (#7048)
2010-04-03 thepeopleRelease = Backfire, closes #7049
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] remove unused kernel config, files & patches...
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] remove targets not (yet) supported in 10.03
2010-04-03 thepeopleupdate x-wrt url for backfire
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] opkg: set appropriate repository URLs in...
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] add /etc/openwrt_release & /etc/openwrt_vers...
2010-04-03 nico[backfire] change /etc/banner with appropriate version...
2010-04-02 nicobranch backfire (finally)