2011-11-23 nbdmac80211: merge latest changes from trunk (as of r29296)
2011-11-22 blogiclantiq: remove old references to ifxmips
2011-11-21 jow[backfire] mac80211: backport r29284
2011-11-20 nbdmac80211: update to 2011-11-15 from trunk
2011-11-19 jow[backfire] mac80211: revert r29210 for now, it breaks...
2011-11-19 nico[backfire] tools/lzma-old: merge r28502 (fix compile...
2011-11-18 nico[backfire] kernel: remove unused MD5SUMs
2011-11-18 nico[backfire] kernel: add MD5SUM for (used by...
2011-11-18 florian[ar7] remove problematic cpmac patches on backfire
2011-11-18 jow[brcm63xx] backport r29238
2011-11-17 nico[backfire] package/mac80211: merge r29209 (fix atomic64...
2011-11-15 jow[backfire] busybox: backport r29156
2011-11-15 jow[backfire] uhttpd: merge r29152
2011-11-15 nico[backfire] package/base-files: merge r28799
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] broadcom-wl: backport r29136
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] ar71xx: backport r28295 (#10357)
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] uci: bump pkg revision
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] uci: expose add_list changes in lua api...
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] uci: fix segmentation fault in lua api when...
2011-11-14 jow[backfire] ar71xx: use ar71xx_set_mac_base() for mach...
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] generic-2.6: merge r21073 (#10419)
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] ar71xx: backport r27053, fix WNDR3800 comman...
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] tools: merge r27052
2011-11-13 florian[backfire] load networking modules in preinit for netwo...
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] ar71xx: merge r28597
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] tools: backport r23137
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] ar71xx: backport mach-tl-mr3420.c as well
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] ar71xx: backport r23136 and r23138
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] mac80211: merge r28784
2011-11-13 jow[backfire] madwifi: backport r28785
2011-11-13 florian[backfire] rdc selects bridge, stp, llc and 8021q modul...
2011-11-13 florian[backfire] make rdc kernels under 768KB by using bridge...
2011-11-13 florian[backfire] build modules for llc, stp, bridge and 8021q...
2011-11-13 florianrefresh 2.6.30 patches
2011-11-10 jow[backfire] base-files, target: merge r28750 and r28933
2011-11-09 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28874
2011-11-08 jow[backfire] base-files: merge r28860
2011-11-08 jow[backfire] hostapd: merge r28858
2011-11-08 nbdar71xx: enable the ar7240 switch driver on the ubnt...
2011-11-08 nbdar71xx: on ar7240, exclude ports from their own port...
2011-11-07 jow[backfire] busybox: backport r28794
2011-11-07 jow[backfire] uhttpd: merge r28792
2011-11-06 jow[backfire] merge all uhttpd changes from trunk
2011-11-03 nico[backfire] package/dropbear: merge r28718
2011-10-30 juhosgbackfire: ar71xx: add WNDR3700 USB LED definition ...
2011-10-30 jow[backfire] qos-scripts: prefix was missing in some...
2011-10-29 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28669
2011-10-29 jow[backfire] qos-scripts: merge r28622 and r28623
2011-10-28 jow[backfire] base-files: merge r28612
2011-10-28 jow[backfire] busybox: merge r28613
2011-10-27 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28628
2011-10-27 jow[backfire] busybox: backport ntpd applet from trunk...
2011-10-26 jow[backfire] scripts: merge r28604
2011-10-23 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28535
2011-10-22 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28529
2011-10-22 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28527
2011-10-22 jow[backfire] firewall: merge r28525
2011-10-17 haukemac80211: disable libertas-sd for kernel 2.6.30
2011-10-17 jow[backfire] 6in4: merge r28475
2011-10-17 florian[rdc] fix 015-r6040_fix_multicast.patch not applying
2011-10-15 jow[backfire/packages] opkg: merge r28458
2011-10-13 jow[backfire] merge r28442
2011-10-13 hauke[backfire] merge r28436
2011-10-13 hauke[backfire] merge r28433
2011-10-09 nico[backfire] package/gdb: backport [28390] (closes: ...
2011-10-08 nbdmac80211: update to latest version from trunk
2011-10-06 jow[backfire] backport r28376
2011-10-04 jow[backfire] merge r28368
2011-10-04 jow[backfire] merge r28366
2011-10-04 jow[backfire] backport r28364
2011-09-29 acinonyx[backfire] backport: "[package] hostap-driver: introduc...
2011-09-25 jow[backfire] merge r28298
2011-09-23 jow[backfire] merge r28291
2011-09-22 jow[backfire] merge r28198
2011-09-22 jow[backfire] merge r28199
2011-09-22 jow[backfire] merge r28200 and r28208
2011-09-20 nbdwpa_supplicant: increase the time between scans to...
2011-09-19 nbdb43: merge ad-hoc beacon fix (backport of r28258)
2011-09-18 jow[package] uhttpd: fix bad pointer use in previous commit
2011-09-18 jow[backfire] merge r28254
2011-09-14 acinonyxBackport "[package] base-files: Fix IPv6 address and...
2011-09-13 jow[backfire] merge r28225
2011-09-13 jow[backfire] merge r28223
2011-09-11 nbdar71xx: add missing ethernet driver fix backport (fixes...
2011-09-11 nbdar71xx: fix register range check for DMA stuck checks...
2011-09-11 nbdath9k: add a better fix for beacon timer reliability...
2011-09-09 jow[backfire] merge r28205
2011-09-09 jow[backfire] merge r27872
2011-09-09 nbdath9k: fix an rx path race condition that might be...
2011-09-08 jow[backfire] merge r26484
2011-09-08 nbdremove kmod-hermes* from package/kernel, it is already...
2011-09-07 nbdmac80211: fix an endian issue in BlockAckReq handling...
2011-09-06 nbdmac80211: merge a power save related race condition...
2011-09-05 jow[backfire] backport r28175
2011-09-05 nbdar71xx: sync profile/target default changes with trunk
2011-09-04 nbdath9k: merge latest changes from trunk (as of r28169)
2011-09-04 nbdhostapd: add a workaround for driver issues in various...
2011-09-04 jow[backfire] merge r28160
2011-09-02 jow[backfire] merge r28149
2011-09-01 nbdath9k: merge a fix for tx power limit testing (backport...