[backfire] backport r27648
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / tools / squashfs4 / patches /
2010-07-21 nbdsquashfs4: backport the mode fix from r22334
2009-11-02 nbdsquashfs4: use our lzma props settings again instead...
2009-11-02 nbdsquashfs4: refresh the cygwin patch
2009-11-02 nbdsquashfs4: fix build breakage
2009-11-02 kalozsync mksquashfs4 with the CVS code to generate LZMA...
2009-09-15 matteofix error in mksquashfs4 when data can't be compressed
2009-08-27 florian[tools] build fixes for squashfs4 on cygwin
2009-05-17 nbdsquashfs4: add lzma support (kernel support still missing)