next round of build system cleanup - convert package/ to new structure
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / toolchain / Makefile
2007-07-30 nbdnext round of build system cleanup - convert package...
2007-07-30 nbdremove leftover stuff
2007-07-30 nbdfix compile errors with make 3.80
2007-07-28 nbduse $(curdir) again
2007-07-28 nbdbuild system fixes, more cleanup
2007-06-28 nbdadd update target to toolchain/
2007-06-28 nbdenable the refresh target in toolchain/
2007-04-18 nbdthe default_subtargets template was a bad idea, since...
2007-02-28 nbdremove remaining unnecessary dependency
2007-02-27 nbdmove ccache to tools/ and fix potential dependency...
2007-02-25 nbdclean up stampfile mess for tools/ and toolchain/
2006-12-14 nbdfix ccache build order
2006-12-11 florianAdd ccache if not installed/installable on the host...
2006-10-31 nicooops, forgot to remove references to libnotimpl
2006-10-13 nbdfinally move buildroot-ng to trunk
2006-10-10 nbdfix gene2fs build on freebsd
2006-09-27 nbdadd portability fixes for toolchain/tools (full tools...
2006-09-27 nbdmove tools from toolchain/ to tools/
2006-08-25 kalozadd basic support for the Magicbox boards
2006-08-10 mbmadd secret option to use host's toolchain when native...
2006-07-22 nicoadd genext2fs to build ext2 filesystem images
2006-07-20 mbmchange 'source' to 'download'
2006-06-27 nbdadd missing copyright
2006-06-21 nbdmassive cleanup of toolchain/
2006-06-21 nbdbuild system cleanup. move shared include files into...
2006-06-20 nbdadd toolchain/download target
2006-05-31 nbdcleanup; replace .PHONY with FORCE; disable gdb by...
2006-05-10 nbdremove more junk
2005-11-13 nbdset V=5 as default and fix toolchain verbosity setting
2005-10-22 nbdlarge build system cleanup. added some stuff to control...
2005-10-08 nicorename libmissing to libnotimpl
2005-10-05 nicoadd libmissing (implementing functions missing from...
2005-07-17 nbdmove target/default/target_skeleton into package/base...
2005-06-07 wbxadd gdb-client to run on host to debug target.. (kgdb)
2005-04-06 nbdfix gcc dependency bug
2005-03-06 mbmnbd's makefile/menuconfig rewrite