[backfire] uhttpd: merge r28792
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / scripts / download.pl
2011-07-22 jow[backfire] merge r25589
2010-12-18 jow[backfire] merge r24686 and r24688
2010-02-13 thepeopleadd geodns addresses for the kernel, closes #6574
2009-02-20 ralphadd multiple download mirrors
2008-09-23 nbduse #!/usr/bin/env perl instead of #!/usr/bin/perl...
2008-09-01 larsAdd @GNOME download source.
2008-06-12 matteouse the european kernel.org mirror too
2008-03-18 ralphadding the possibility of local file cache
2008-02-18 agbIncreased to five download attempts in download.pl
2007-10-20 nbdshow md5sums on mismatch in download.pl
2007-09-29 nbdRefactor downloading code into download.mk
2007-08-26 nicoadd a '@KERNEL' download facility, tweak script
2007-04-06 nbdadd a menuconfig option for specifying a local download...
2007-01-25 nbdfix download.pl (#1257)
2007-01-24 pavlovadd functionality to provide local mirrors for developm...
2006-12-08 nbdupdate sourceforge downloading
2006-12-06 nbdstrip trailing / from download urls
2006-11-26 pavlovcorrect trailing slash (cosmetic rather than functional)
2006-10-16 nbdsync whiterussian download.pl with trunk, allow the...
2006-10-14 nbdfix download.pl for weird 'which' implementations
2006-10-13 nbdfinally move buildroot-ng to trunk
2006-10-10 nbdreal fix for download.pl
2006-10-10 nbdadd workaround for freebsd
2006-10-10 nbdadd support for bsd md5 as a md5sum replacement
2006-09-24 nbddisable mirror1.openwrt.org for now - doesn't seem...
2006-09-06 nbdchange path for mirror2.openwrt.org
2006-08-04 nbdadd mirror2 to download.pl
2006-06-27 mbmcredit where credit is due
2006-03-20 wbxadd mirror1 again. sponsored by FH BRS, Lab for telecom...
2006-03-05 florianFit new sourceforge.net download page layout, thanks...
2006-01-20 nbdfix download script for sourceforge urls
2005-12-07 nicoadd a last resort SF round-robin url and some GNU mirrors
2005-12-06 wbxfix sourceforge mirrors, thx d1mag
2005-12-06 wbxtemporarily disabled mirrors
2005-07-17 nbdmove target/default/target_skeleton into package/base...
2005-07-01 nbdupdate master mirror url
2005-06-12 wbxadded mirror1 and mirror2, which dayly rsyncing the...
2005-06-08 nicoAdd GNU download facility
2005-04-30 nbdfix mirror order in download script
2005-04-27 nbdadd master mirror to download script
2005-04-06 nbdchange wget timeout options to --timeout= for compatibility
2005-03-19 nbdremove md5sum file after successful download
2005-03-19 nbdadd downloading script (with md5sum checking and source...