mac80211: fix duplicate probe request reception (triggering unnecessary probe respons...
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / package /
2011-04-02 nbdmac80211: fix duplicate probe request reception (trigge...
2011-04-02 nbdath9k: fix adhoc beacon issues (#9163, backport of...
2011-03-30 jow[backfire] merge r26382
2011-03-30 nbdbackport mac80211, hostapd, iw, crda from trunk as...
2011-03-30 nbdqos-scripts: remove the layer7 based classifiers from...
2011-03-29 jow[backfire] opkg: revert opkg.conf change that slipped...
2011-03-27 nbdath9k: fix PS-Poll frame reception in AP mode on AR91xx...
2011-03-25 nbdath9k: fix chip wakeup on interface start - should...
2011-03-25 nbdmac80211: fix a deadlock in minstrel_ht when a HT clien...
2011-03-24 nbdmac80211: fix dropping multicast proberequest frames...
2011-03-21 nbdmac80211: backport the inactivity timeout fix from...
2011-03-18 jow[backfire] merge r26230
2011-03-16 nbdmac80211: add an aggregation rx reorder timeout handlin...
2011-03-15 jow[backfire] merge r22462, r22561, r25621 and r26175
2011-03-15 jow[backfire] merge r22061
2011-03-15 nbdath9k: backport ar913x fixes from r26167, r26168
2011-03-13 nbdbase-files: add a default /etc/services files (backport...
2011-03-13 nbdbase-files: add users ftp (for ftp servers), network...
2011-03-13 nbdbase-files: add an ftp group as well (backport of r26136)
2011-03-13 nbdbase-files: add a few default groups to /etc/group...
2011-03-13 juhosgbackfire: package/base-files: add get_magic_long()...
2011-03-11 nbdmac80211: backport channel type fix from r26038
2011-03-11 nbdath9k: merge intel interop fix from r26036
2011-03-10 nbdmac80211: backport EAP fix from r26016
2011-03-10 nbdath9k: backport tx dma stop changes from r26005
2011-03-10 jow[backfire] merge r24778
2011-03-10 nbdath9k: backport tx dma stop fixes from r25988
2011-03-09 nbdmac80211: sync with trunk (as of r25965)
2011-03-07 jow[backfire] merge kexec-tools update from trunk
2011-03-06 jow[package] 6in4: add default route workarounds for Kerne...
2011-03-06 jow[backfire] backport r25904
2011-03-06 jow[backfire] package IFB kernel module (#8849)
2011-03-06 jow[backfire] package iptables hashlimit match (#8846)
2011-03-02 jow[backfire] merge r25835
2011-03-01 jow[backfire] merge r25815
2011-03-01 jow[backfire] merge r25813
2011-02-27 jow[backfire] merge r24346 (#8947)
2011-02-26 jow[backfire] package: fix iptables after libtool changes
2011-02-26 jow[backfire] package: sync opkg with trunk
2011-02-26 jow[backfire] backport libtool/libltdl split from trunk
2011-02-26 jow[backfire] backport relayd, libubox and libjson-c
2011-02-26 jow[backfire] merge r25713
2011-02-24 nbdmac80211: backport latest version from trunk
2011-02-24 nbdadd kmod-oprofile to package/kernel (backport of r25690)
2011-02-23 florian[brcm-2.4] fix wlcompat so that the wl module can be...
2011-02-20 jow[backfire] merge r25627
2011-02-20 florianbackport r25619 to backfire
2011-02-15 jow[backfire] merge r25543
2011-02-12 jow[backfire] merge r21495, r25478 and r25479
2011-02-12 jow[backfire] merge r24194, r25471 (#8845)
2011-02-11 jow[backfire] backport r25454
2011-02-10 jow[backfire] merge r25452
2011-02-08 nbdath: merge regulatory fixup from r25418
2011-02-07 nbdmac80211: fix the check for cloned skbs in the tx path...
2011-02-05 nbdmac80211: backport wds station fix from r25378
2011-02-04 nbdmac80211: merge fixes from r25358, r25359
2011-02-03 jow[backfire] merge dual stack firewall
2011-02-03 jow[backfire] drop firewall v1
2011-02-01 cshore[package]: block-extroot. Merged r25269. Fixed the...
2011-01-28 jow[backfire] merge r25220
2011-01-28 nbdath9k: merge fixes from r25204, r25205
2011-01-28 nbdmac80211: backport 2011-01-24 from trunk
2011-01-27 jow[backfire] backport r25179
2011-01-23 nbdbackport files/ symlink overwrite fix from r25078
2011-01-22 jow[backfire] merge r24742 (#8700)
2011-01-21 nbdath9k: backport menuconfig change from r25060
2011-01-21 nbdath9k: backport ps wakeup/restore fixes from r25058
2011-01-19 jow[backfire] backport uci reorder fix from r25048
2011-01-19 jow[backfire] merge r25044
2011-01-17 jow[backfire] merge r25027 and r25028
2011-01-17 jow[backfire] merge r23530, r23531, r23551 and r25025
2011-01-15 nbdmac80211: merge fixes from r25007, r25008
2011-01-14 juhosgbackfire: package/swconfig: add sanity checks to preven...
2011-01-14 nbdmac80211: include the kfifo backport in compat.ko if...
2011-01-13 nbdath9k: fix spurious decryption crc error regression...
2011-01-11 nbdmac80211: merge latest from trunk - improves reliabilit...
2011-01-09 jow[backfire] merge r24952
2010-12-24 jow[backfire] merge r24823
2010-12-24 nbdmac80211: merge changes from trunk and add back the...
2010-12-18 nbdmac80211: sync latest version from trunk - improves...
2010-12-18 nbdath9k: merge chainmask fix from r24657
2010-12-18 nbdmac80211: merge pending regulatory fixes
2010-12-17 nbdath9k: merge fixes from r24627, r24628
2010-12-12 nbdbackport mac80211 and iw from trunk
2010-12-09 haukekernel: merge r24272
2010-12-05 nbdath9k: backport dma fix from r24261
2010-12-03 cshore[package] block-extroot: Merged 24230 from trunk: Added...
2010-12-02 jow[backfire] merge r24219
2010-12-01 jow[backfire] merge r24212
2010-12-01 jow[backfire] merge r24206
2010-11-30 jow[package] busybox: fix mixed implicit and normal rules...
2010-11-27 jow[backfire] backport r24041
2010-11-21 nbdcrda: merge regulatory.bin update from r24063
2010-11-21 jow[backfire] merge r24051
2010-11-20 nbdmac80211: backport a few fixes
2010-11-19 jow[backfire] openssl: sync patches with trunk
2010-11-19 jow[backfire] merge r24037
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r24022
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r24020
2010-11-17 jow[backfire] merge r23996, r23997, r23998 and r24021