swconfig: depend on !LINUX_2_4 in backfire
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / package / swconfig / Makefile
2012-06-07 nbdswconfig: depend on !LINUX_2_4 in backfire
2011-07-28 nbdswconfig: backport compatibility fix from r27820
2011-07-28 jogo[backfire] swconfig: Add generic switch identifiers
2011-01-14 juhosgbackfire: package/swconfig: add sanity checks to preven...
2010-05-16 nico[backfire] merge r21477
2010-04-30 jow[backfire] merge r21270
2010-04-12 florianbackport r20829 to backfire
2010-01-20 juhosgswconfig: show tagged port flag
2010-01-18 nbdswconfig: support providing the switch device name...
2009-09-26 nicoadd _GNU_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS required to include <bits...
2009-09-16 jow[package] swconfig: clear ip address on the switch...
2009-09-10 agb[package] bump some revisions and update copyrights
2009-08-24 nbdmove /bin/swconfig to /sbin
2009-06-01 nbdswconfig: fix kernel version dependency
2009-04-30 nbdswconfig: use libnl-tiny instead of libnl
2009-04-21 nbdautomatically configure switches when swconfig is installed
2009-04-21 nbdswconfig: implement uci loading support
2009-04-20 nbdswconfig: fix up kernel dependencies
2009-04-17 nbdget rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has...
2009-02-24 nico[package] replace some -I & -L flags with $(TARGET_CPPF...
2008-10-18 nbdadd new switch configuration api