more build system cleanup
[openwrt-10.03/.git] / include /
2007-07-28 nbdmore build system cleanup
2007-07-16 nbddetect whether the find command supports -L or -follow
2007-07-16 nbdfind: use -follow instead of -L, some systems don't...
2007-07-15 nbdfollow symlinks in package scan
2007-07-15 nbdproperly support dependencies on packages that just...
2007-07-15 nbdfixes for recursive package scanning
2007-07-15 nbdrewrite of the metadata scanning - cleaner code, faster...
2007-05-23 nbdfix target rescan (version kernel changes)
2007-04-09 nbdfix dependencies for metadata scanning
2007-04-03 mbmTidy up Makefiles
2007-04-01 nbdadd check for openwrt build system makefiles when scann...
2007-03-28 nbdmake sure tmp/info gets created
2007-03-28 nbddetect changes in package/kernel/modules/*.mk when...
2007-03-04 nbdfix metadata scan for profile split
2007-02-27 nbdMassive speedup in the package/target scanning step